Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for preparing to feel sad.

My father lands tomorrow. No, he isn't flying in from some small island near South America but he is coming to visit me and I must say that I've spent all of today worrying. Still shockingly ill, I spent today working on some visual pieces and jotting down an idea for my book but it was all so overshadowed by the thought of how many jelly stings my father will force on me tomorrow.

You've seen Bridget Jones' Diary: The Edge of Reason, right? Bridget Jones et al have a friend, married and smug which is always the case, who just has to sting you. We all have one. The friend who tells you just how many degrees your new boyfriend's assistant has and that his ex-wife was a model for Gucci (zero chance in the case of MYB and I!) or that you're looking well...considering you have put on weight since your last bloke left you. Well, the jellyfish in my life happens to be my father but rather than picking at the small things with me, he throws out one big net and I'm the only one that is caught up in it. I have to listen to him go on for hours about his latest love conquest and how my life will change endlessly once I'm in love myself and that careers and friends appear dismal once faced with love. I always want to bite back and tell him I am in love but actually, my career is equally delightful!

I don't know, my father just drains me and I cannot even cope with the thought. I was hoping to rant to MYB about it all but he's two hours late in calling me and I'm too stubborn to call him. Onwards and upwards, eh?

I'd wear this outfit for a day writing at home. What would start out as feature ideas would end up in lists on how much my father annoys me and then finally a list in ways to keep calm around him tomorrow. OK, so it's freezing outside so perhaps a playsuit isn't the best option but it's fine for spending afternoons with the fire on. Throw this burnt orange cardigan on from Toast for a snuggly feeling and slip on some fringed flats if you must wear something on your feet. And if the mood takes you and you just have to pop out to the Starbucks across the road for a 4 shot mocha, throw your notebooks in this Jil Sander number. Finally, a sweet little elephant necklace from Forever21.

Preparing. by hollieanne