Friday, 12 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for having zero patience.

OK, MYB, I get that you have to work late sometimes but three nights in a row? No thanks. And it's not just that, it's the way he hardly bothers to tell me he's staying late or even considers how that might make me feel. MYB is a typical metro-sexual bloke but clearly that means he's like 99% of other men and is lacking in the consideration field.

I shouldn't complain, I know, he works really hard and does an amazing job but sometimes I can't help but get really cross when it's hitting 11pm and my boyfriend is still on his way home as I'm about to fall fast asleep. I guess the worst thing is that I've been asking him to do something for a week and he still hasn't bothered. Jesus, nag much?

I went out for dinner tonight and had the first mulled wine of the season- nothing like it! I had dinner and laughed and chatted about silly things like men and relationships and friendships. It was fun. And it involved Dime Bar cheesecake- yum!

But to truly stress having lost my patience with MYB and starting to become quite furious, I've gone all red. Red symbolises my anger but also my passion at knowing that as soon as he calls me sweetheart tonight, I'll fall into his arms and realise I'm actually with the hottest bloke I have ever met. Double yum! I've gone for a double dose of Fendi love with this beautiful red dress and amazingly high heels. Next is the Bottega Veneta quilted clutch which pretty much proves why I love the label so much. Finally, jewellery comes in the form of an amazing cocktail ring, some pretty earrings and a fab Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle.

Cross. by hollieanne