Saturday, 27 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for nightmare sale shopping.

Might just be a short post tonight as I'm having to head up to the hospital for a little chat with the doctor. It's nothing too serious, I'm certainly not ill, but today has been full of slight triggers and I need to be reminded how to cope with them.

But seriously: why is it that when you think you've forgotton all about a bad person in your life, they crop up again when you don't need them to? It was so random tonight, or perhaps not so, and I saw her huge face glaring at me. I need MYB to hug me. This girl, a stupid ex-friend of ours, has probably been snopping around at my online stuff and catching glipses at photos of my love and I laughing like silly idiot and exchanging gifts. I don't mind, per say, but what I do mind is her silly little need to just crop up in my life all the time. MYB is certainly true in his descriptions of her and he's certainly right that I need to wipe her out of my mind all together.

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this post. The point is that I went sale shopping. And what a nightmare! Town was SO packed and I didn't have the £399 I needed to purchase a Mulberry bag in the Fenwicks sale. Gutted! I managed to pick up a few things including some Juicy Couture perfume, a skirt, a beautifully cut dress and some underwear- that will do me.

My back is now killing from carrying all those bags, though. Glad cross-body bags are going to be in next year, it'll take some of the pain away from carrying my Paddington on my arm.

The outfit is very simple today but I think it's safe to say that seven inch platform and couture dresses are out of the question when one is fighting to grab the last £25 MYLA bra, right? This Topshop coat is really pretty and rather Victorian-esque. Under the coat you'll find a rather cute Sonia by Sonia Rykiel t-shirt dress and I've finished the look with black flats, black knee high socks, a Marc Jacobs cross-body purple bag and some Topshop swallow studs. Happy sale shopping!

Sale shopping. by hollieanne