Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for feeling really low.

My eyes are a little sore from crying. That makes me sound like an emo, right? Hope not! Haven't had the best of days, mainly induced by my father as mentioned in yesterdays blog.

I've spent today lazing on the sofa and feeling totally exhausted after a disturbing night filled with nightmares. I wore my comfort hoodie today, it's the only one I own and is about 3 sizes too big and from the mens section in H&M. I feel like a slob. Yuk. Never will I start the day by eating Marks and Spencer New York cheesecake again; it'll only make me feel fat and yucky for the rest of the day. No fun!

MYB, bless him, had the pleasure of hearing my moan at him this evening and then hear my cry as I recalled how low I've felt today. We got through it together- like we always do- by giggling and pointing out how much of a typical silly girl I actually am. I adore him.

I'd wear this outfit to take the train to MYB's place and get ready for a night of cuddles and hot chocolate. Shame it's not happening tonight, right? C'est la vie. This outfit is really different from my own personal style but I'd love to be able to dress more casually and feel really comfortable. The checked shirt is a snip from Forever21 at around £7! I'd wear the shirt a size larger and wear it with some bootcut jeans like these by 7 For All Mankind. To add a slightly more girly touch, I've gone for blue sequin Converse and a pretty bow ring by Miss Selfridge. The satchel bag is Cath Kidston, the necklace is by Juicy Couture and the pretty pink watch is by Coach.

Feeling low. by hollieanne