Monday, 8 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for Diet Coke.

Mid-afternoon on a Monday symbolises Starbucks and some sort of fashion marketing book. Like clockwork, I'll take the bus to town and then pop into Fenwicks for a glossy magazine to occupy me at some point within the following 24 hours. I then skip off to Starbucks, usually chatting to my best friend on the phone as I go, and make my order. I sit down on one of the comfortable sofas, always facing outwards as to people watch, and reading whichever enchanting book I've opted for.

But this week was different. The situation was the same but it didn't taste as sweet. I was probably too ill to attend my lecture tonight, I was emotional and exhausted and I've barely eaten all weekend. Against the advice of MYB, I got ready and went along to my class. But my ritual Starbucks probably proved I was still ill. I sat back and my coffee tasted vile. It wasn't the coffee but the weird illness spawned taste in my mouth and I just couldn't relaxed.

I managed to mumble my way through tonight, breaking off for a chat with MYB. It went fine, nothing spectacular, but I became distressed at my huge lack of energy and severe lack of appetite.

Having returned home tonight I did find my taste buds had arrived back but for only one thing. I'm currently sipping on a glass of Diet Coke and it actually tastes wonderful. Apart from coffee, it's the only thing I've consumed since Friday night and, although not the most nutritious of things, I plan on drinking glasses and glasses until it's time for bed. Clearly a trip to the bathroom is going to be needed but I'm chuffed I can finally taste something other than vomit!

As I'm needed lots of energy today, I've gone for bright colours and have started with this Tory Burch long sleeved yellow cardigan. Underneath I've selected an amazing All Saints t-shirt which is heading right to the top of my Christmas list and I've paired it with some pretty skinny off-white jeans by McQ. Accessories are kept simple with some Gap silver flats and Chanel earrings and silver chain bag. I'm sure this outfit, and the Diet Coke, would keep me energised!

Diet Coke. by hollieanne