Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being let down by her father. Again.

Avid followers of my blog clearly know I have a certain cliche in the form of "issues with my father" and they have sadly crept up again today. I can't be bothered to go into detail but I suppose Christmas is always a weird time of year when you have parents who are separated, right?

I guess my father just doesn't know me and hasn't done for a while. We were best friends when we were younger, before he left my mum, and now I struggle with the concept of my mother selecting my Christmas gift from my father and him just handing over some cash for it. Because of that reason, because it wasn't really from him and because he couldn't even be bothered to browse the Juicy Couture section in Fenwicks or know me well enough to pick something I'd really adore, I'll be taking it back and the cash going towards a Mulberry bag. It's weird accepting a gift from my father that's actually from my mother.

MYB will be home from the office soon so, as he's requested, I'll be telling him all about it and having a little cry. Until then? Fighting back the tears whilst munching on an M&S mince pie and slurping on a calorie filled glass of milkshake.

This outfit is exactly the sort of thing I wear every day (minus most of the expensive labels) and thus a clear representation of my personality of which my father would not know. I've had a slight Dolce and Gabbana day (secrets, secrets!) hence the Bowie tee and pretty pink metallic bag from the Italian label. The "throw on with most things" purple skirt is Miu Miu and the belt I've added is Dorothy Perkins. The flats shoes are Marc Jacobs and the silly watch is indeed by the same designer but under the collective of Marc by Marc Jacobs. I'd wear this Johnny Loves Rosie sequin bow in my hair and this Miss Selfridge bracelet could perhaps be turned into a hair feature, too. Finally, cute little Betsey Johnson stud earrings.

Issues with my father. by hollieanne