Monday, 22 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for learning how to relax.

Last night went well. Just after I finished blogging, a car pulled up outside the house and drove me to the hospital. I was seen by the crisis team who spoke to me for about an hour and we made some plans and rationalised my behaviour and thoughts. I arrived home about 1230am this morning and, after chatting to the incredibly calming MYB, fell fast asleep for about eleven hours.

One thing that did come up was that I struggle with the issue of relaxing. I guess that's the manic side of things that stays permanent. Sure, I can spend a day doing nothing but watch DVDs and taking a bath but I'm always on edge.

Today I tried to do some "positive relaxing" but it really hasn't worked. I now feel stupidly lazy because I've spent the day reading magazines, watching rubbish daytime television and working on my novel. I guess even when I'm with MYB and all we're doing is lying in bed chatting or when we're going for a pretty walk in some gorgeous park I'm never that relaxed. I need to add "positive relaxing" to my 2009 resolutions.

This outfit isn't supposed to be seen out in public too much but it is pretty. The peach tank is Adidas by Stella McCartney and the silk trousers are Rick Owens. The hat and sandals are cheap and chic and available from Republic and Wet Seal respectively. If you need to go out for wine and chocolate (like I did today) then grab this Prada bag. Finally, I've added the Gucci bracelet because I feel naked without at least one piece of jewellery. MYB and I were having a chat in the pub on Thursday about how girly I am and how I despise not being feminine and this outfit proves it, I can't even relax around the house without something feminine on; I'm sure MYB appreciates that, though!

Positive relaxing. by hollieanne