Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for hurting her back.

Ouch! A simple shopping and lunch day turned into me almost crying with the pain in my back. Not good. I was out for lunch with the family when I slipped on some spilt juice that hadn't been cleaned up, nor had a caution sign stuck up. I was fine at the time but a few hours later, rushing around Toys'R'Us and trying to gather last minute gifts for my brothers, I felt the pain. And it has not stopped, despite taking pills.

I could do with an early night tonight to soothe the pain. I'm wondering if a hot water bottle might help? I certainly think being stretched out in the bed I share with MYB on occasion could help but sadly he is busy and I'm in too much pain to hop on the train.

But if MYB and I were to be enjoying a night of tea, Strictly Come Dancing and cuddles, I'd wear this. The outfit is comfortable, stylish enough to pop out to Tesco with and is a perfect mix of textures. These pants are pretty much my dream pair of trousers but sadly Roberto Cavalli won't stock these satin beauties in my size. Same goes for this amazing Paul Smith tee, really. But I'd probably have better look with a simple grey cashmere cardigan like this one here. Pre-back accident I found myself buying some silver Converse shoes so I've popped some in my set for today. Also featured is a beautiful blue ChloƩ bag and a kitsch apple ring by Dolly Dagger.

I have broken my back. by hollieanne