Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for broken zips in New Look.

My Yummy Mummy took me off shopping today to clear my mind after difficult conversations with my father and feeling anxious about stuff to do with MYB. We had a girly day and I dressed in the perfect comfort combination of a dress, jeans, flats and a big chunky pashmina. We pretty much had the perfect Sunday.

As I'm seeing MYB for our Fake Christmas on Wednesday, I wanted to buy something new to get me in the festive spirit and make MYB gobble me up as soon as he saw me step off the train. I headed to my High Street favourite that is New Look and my eyes were drawn to a strapless number that came in black, red and purple...and they were in the sale! I proceeded to the changing rooms with three shades of wonderful dress and firstly tried the black on. The zip was broken. I sent the slightly silly shop assistant to grab me another but she came back and kindly informed me the zip was broken on all the black dresses. And the purple ones. And the red ones. Hence the sale. When I questioned why there was no "This item is broken blah blah blah" sign, the silly shop girl shrugged and clearly thought I was crazy to want decent customer service.

I have no new dress. Woe.

But I'm sure I'd impress MYB in a simple jeans and t-shirt number like this one for Dressing For. I'm in love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs tee- how pretty is it?! I've also used Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, pretty peachy pink heels and gold tote. This Chanel bracelet is creeping in to the top of my Xmas list and New Look did get something right with this pretty purple flower ring. Until tomorrow...

Broken zips. by hollieanne