Thursday, 11 December 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being stood up.

I wasn't stood up, really, but it sort of felt like that. Why does it feel like my boyfriend is dating Mark Thompson and not me? If you're reading this Mr. Thompson, can I have my boyfriend back please?

OK, so I'm deeply proud of what MYB does and how much work he puts in but I miss him sometimes. Christmas is always mad with work, everything has to be finished before MYB can even think of snuggling up with me on Christmas Eve, and there's been some big project or something but it doesn't stop me missing him.

Last night was no exception and I hadn't heard from MYB all day to the point that I got worried. Eventually he text at 10:30 and was only just on his way home from the office. Cue me being gutted. I'd had a bit of a rubbish day and there's nothing like a gossip with my man to cheer me up. I was cross at MYB but I've been known to be still in the office come 8pm so I can't complain. I love what MYB does, I'm proud beyond belief but tonight is now another night where I'm left alone in bed whilst he's at the desk.

Mark Thompson owes me one, I think.

So as I'm feeling a little blue and lonely today, the theme for Dressing For is just that. I'd wear this to spend the day in lectures and the evening out with friends trying to forget about MYB and Mark Thompson running away together and getting married. This 3.1 Phillip Lim top is a fabulous comfortable staple and is paired with skinny jeans. On top I've selected this amazing Topshop jacket with a wonderful neckline and plenty of room for a brooch or two if you like. Accessories are blue and yellow with some Marni flats and a lust worthy Marc Jacobs bag. Finally, a yellow colour-pop with a Forever21 ring and some pretty earrings.

Stood up. by hollieanne