Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for having the plasterers in.

Note, that title says plasterers and not painters! Hello, Readers. Short time no speak. Why on earth am I in such a good mood? In all fairness, I shouldn't be writing this having just come off the phone from MYB as I've had a stupidly awful day.

Picture the scene, it's Saturday night and you're wiping away the tears after seeing your inspiration that is Britney Spears perform on X Factor. As you're about to curl into bed you think of the day ahead; caramel coffee, cashmere cardigans and pj bottoms, Heat Magazine and some styling. You drift off to sleep with MYB on your mind and all is well...

Until you're woken up at silly o'clock by men in your kitchen. Yes, I forgot the platerers were coming and that they thought it would be great to hammer down walls or whatever they do early on a Sunday morning. I tumbled downstairs to find my mother et al happily sipping tea which has been made in a makeshift tea room in the front room after said plastering men have taken over your kitchen. My Hollyoaks sessions was ruined by banging, workmen singing along to Leona Lewis, constant cried for cups of tea and the scraping of plaster hitting the kitchen walls. They didn't leave until 6pm after which I headed down the pub for half a bottle of wine and a rather fancy dinner with friends.

Dressing For is about lost Sunday comfort. It's slouchy but, after being covered in dust, it's glam enough to make you feel all pretty again. I love this Donna Karan sequin vest- it's perfect for the party season if you don't fancy wearing a dress. I'm wearing some Diane von Furstenberg tuxedo jersey pants on my legs and silver Converse on my feet to dress the whole look down. For accessories, I've picked a Juicy Couture bag and jewellery from Forever21. Thank God I get a lie in tomorrow!

Plasterers. by hollieanne