Friday, 28 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for sore throats.

I could feel it coming on last night as I chatted with MYB whilst snuggled up in my bed and knew this morning would only make it worse. Alas, after getting over a cold and several weeks of none stop physical illness, I'm now run down with a dreaded sore throat.

I think having a sore throat is one of the more horrible winter related illness. If you know me, you know I never shut up so losing my voice today has proved a nightmare but still hasn't stopped me chatting (in a painfully high pitched voice) to my best friend on the phone or singing along to Britney Spears.

My bed proved a welcome comforter today but sadly MYB wasn't with me to enjoy gossip magazine reading or hot chocolates. I've slept for a lot of the day although, come 11:30pm, I'm now wide awake and have to be up early for the hell that is Christmas shopping in the morning.

A girl can't let illness get to her too much though, can she? After all, I had a portfolio to put together, blogging to be done, feature ideas to be sent out and a novel to write so I bounced back as much as I could with the added help of some honey and lemon medicine.

Dressing For is all about spending the day at home poorly but still looking chic as you take calls from your editor and plan the latest twist in your future best-seller. I don't have the figure to pull off hareem pants but I wish I did as they always look so comfortable and yet so chic; I've selected these ones in a classic colour from Topshop and paired them with a Bowie tee also from the ultimate high street favourite. Add some gorgeous Lanvin pumps which would look just as good as heels on any dance floor for the Christmas party season and added a scarf by Paul Smith- the chicest way to keep your poorly throat nice and warm this winter for the true English country look. Finally, slip on a few cocktail rings and some studs. And if you must go out? Slip your Strepsils and Filofax in this vintage beauty.

Sore throat. by hollieanne