Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the last day of half term.

Jesus, how long has this week been? Half term, or the more maturely known "reading week", has to be the most boring time of year. Highlights included the cute act of taking my little brother out for Halloween, all my long lie-ins and, of course, the purchase of Gordon and Horatio the Guinea Pigs!

I struggle with holidays. I'd happily work all year without a single break. I'm just like that, I get addicted to work and thrive on long working hours and spending extra time in the classroom or office. It's not a bad thing by any standards but I have found myself in tears at times because I had a whole week off work or something similar. No matter how much work I have to do at home, how many plans I have with friends or how generally busy I am during my week off, I just cannot cope very well.

I wish I could swap with My Yummy Bloke. MYB works long hours sometimes and has to travel for work a lot when he'd much rather take time off and be with his kids. We should have swapped this week. I could have been sat in the office in Birmingham and doing whatever fancy media stuff that he does and he could have been at home baking cupcakes, shopping for shoes and spending time with the little ones (although his aren't so little anymore).

So, I'm so glad to be back tomorrow. My class doesn't start until 5 but I have loads to do beforehand so no doubt I'll be sat in a chair on the eighth floor before I know it. I enjoy work, what can I say? It may be a little sad but it excites me like no other and-fingers crossed- it'll equal mass success.

On the last day of half term I found myself doing yet more shopping. T K Maxx provided me with stacks of Betsey Johnson treats and Borders provided me with the latest Belle de Jour book and a few minutes of flirting with the cashier. Good times!

But, despite the mass loads of piggie cuddles and clothing shopping, I can't wait to spend the next few weeks getting stressed out with work. It's odd, for me, stress actually feels rather fabulous as it means I'm going to learn, progress and succeed. Perhaps I'm just odd?

So, with excitement about getting various essays and grades back and the joy of finding the Betsey Johnson treasure trove, Dressing For is all colour today! And how could you miss this Forever21 bright striped cardigan? I love it! Add a pretty teal skirt and throw on a Topshop beret. I love these sexy as Hell Roberto Cavalli suede boots- wear with trousers for work, skirts at the weekend, dresses for parties...everything! Add a soft Vivienne Westwood bag and a Betsey Johnson necklace and you're done. Until tomorrow...

End of reading week. by hollieanne