Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for being ill!

Urgh, I am ill. Spent the morning peeing into a cup and being given medication. I am classy, aren't I?

I feel tired and dizzy and like I could throw up every bit of food I've had to eat since the age of three. However, I am a trooper and will be setting my alarm for 6:25am tomorrow to make it to my morning lecture. So, an early night is in need thus a small post.

So, what are the vital things I need when I'm feeling ill? Well, apart from my gorgeous boyfriend to stand around looking gorgeous to distract me, I need pretty night clothing to make me smile. I've selected the most gorgeous Malene Birger negligee which could easily be worn as a day dress, add some Ugg boots for warm tootsies and a Marc by Marc Jacobs hairband because, if you do vomit, you really don't want sick in your hair!

Ill. by hollieanne