Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for finishing her University application.

Hooray! I am officially finished my UCAS. It's been edited within an inch of its life and I am now officially knackered!

I went against the recommendations of my personal tutor who wanted to make my personal statement really, really, really bland and dull but I know my persistence will pay off. After all, isn't a personal statement supposed to be about your personality? Yeah, I made up 98% of the statement about academic/career stuff but I also listed a final line of other stuff which inspires me. I can now reveal that the following things were amongst that list: Barry M nail paint, French pop music and MYB (although I just gave his official job title). Oh God, what have I done? I am nervous!

Dressing For today is about being stressed but celebrating the end result. We all know it's all about the brilliant end result, right? So once you've finished that UCAS form/essay/article/dumping your bloke, pull on a pretty outfit and head out for a few glasses of rosé with your girls. I like the whole girly but fierce look- you know, pretty pinks and studs, floaty dresses with biker boots and a leather jacket. I think the Olsen Twins work this look really well, as does Alexa Chung. I've started with a very pretty Forever21 dress with bow detailing- the pink colouring and strapless detail make it pretty much as feminine as you can get. However, when going for this look, accessories are key so I've used hard black and nothing else. Add a pair of Forever 21 earrings and a Yves Saint Laurent cocktail ring that is to die for. And finally, grab this studded Fendi clutch and some incredible Louboutin wedges that are to die for. Slip a large glass in hand and know that all the hours and effort will soon pay off!

UCAS. by hollieanne