Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a not quite gig in Italy.

As I was scribbling away ideas for my novel, working on my UCAS form and getting some very exciting news from across the pond, I had my Last.fm radio playing. I like Last.fm. Not only does it record all that I listen to (actually, that can be a bad thing when I'm listening to bad pop music such as Rachel Stevens and Billie Piper- eeek!) but it has a brilliant feature which allows me to listen to the "radio" made up of artists and songs that I adore.

I'm proud of MYB in lots of ways, sometimes his past career choices make me giggle but mostly I find it fascinating. Not only is MYB a rather brilliant media bloke *Insert "I Wish He Was My Boss" fantasies here* but the man also happens to be a successful musician (although I use the term "successful" rather loosely. I'm joking!). I guess you could insert musician/groupie fantasies right now too, couldn't you? Anyway, so away spins my radio filled with the likes of The Cure, Emiliana Torrini and Damien Rice. My mind, at this point, was focused on my main character's latest love affair so I pay little attention when MYB's music turns up on my radio and am humming along. For some reason, I click onto my Last.fm page and read the short brief about the artist and then notice a gig date. A gig? Sure, MYB is working on the new album but I didn't realise he'd be playing any gigs right now. And it's in Italy? With New Young Pony Club? And some others? Whaaaaaaaaa?

November 20th apparently sees MYB take the stage at some Nokia music event. Was I happy? Hell No! Excuse me, Monsieur, but you do not go off to Italy and not tell your girlfriend. And where's my invite? Jesus, if anyone is going to be pulling the lead singer then it'll be me, Love!

I e-mailed MYB at his workplace. I knew it would be a weird situation to bring up because I knew that he knew that I'd go ballistic about it without some other explanation apart from that the trip was a surprise and he was taking me to Milan to go on a shopping spree after the gig. I panicked. Italy? Really? And he didn't think to tell me? Bugger. Would it all be over? I mean, we tell each other everything, right? But Italy? Playing a gig?

Eventually, I text MYB and asked him what on earth was going on. He pretty much replied straight away. He had zero clue what I was talking about. Was he telling the truth? Of course he was! We sent giggly text messages back and forth about Last.fm's silly mistake. Alas, no trip to Italy for either of us. Gutted.

However, there's zero reason I can't Dress For Italy today. You lot get the outfit I would have worn had I been sipping on a cocktail as he played. And it's a colour pop today to match my (imaginary) tan. Starting with this Juicy Couture lace and silk dress. I heart yellow- why don't people wear it too often? Add a Topshop pink belt around the waist and carry on the love theme with a necklace from Dolly Dagger. Slip on some sequin Topshop bracelets and a Marc by Marc Jacobs ring for extra colour fantastic. I've added a gorgeous pair of sandals by Steve Madden and then a vintage blue clutch from Rokit. Finally, check your lippie in this fab little Dolly Dagger compact mirror- after all, a musician's girlfriend must look sweet at all times. Ahh, to be summer again.

Italy. by hollieanne