Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for New Look.

I thought I'd made a stupid decision today to go shopping with my father and K The Bore. The fuzzy head and sniffly nose caused me to think irrationally and when I found myself staring at K The Bore's muffin top, I nearly died. Look, I have a muffin top and cellulite and lots of wobbly bits but I dress to suit my shape and don't hang my fat about like an animal trying to attract a mate. I am being a bitch, yes. Anyway, I find myself panicking when K The Bore and my father start talking about her dead daughter and how cool she was and how she knew loads of cool bands that no-one ever heard of. Oh, I don't know, I just find it odd.

We arrived at the shopping centre and I went off by myself, almost feeling like a thirteen year old being trusted for the first time to shop alone or with friends. It was odd how young and fragile I felt when listening to my father's instructions about where to meet and at what time. He was never there during those points of my teenage years when I was allowed my first bit of trust to go off and buy silk scarves from charity shops and pink lipsticks which have stayed the same tone even all these years later.

I despise Christmas so rebelled against it by shopping for myself. An amazing oversize clutch from the Limited Collection at M&S, basics from Primark and amazing bargains from New Look. The difference in regional style is something that amazes me and, I guess, a dream job would be as a street style blogger travelling major cities of the world. I admit, one of the things I loved about spending the weekend in the secret Yorkshire town was the style there- they were preened and perfect and knew how to mix vintage and high-street really well without looking too try-hard.

It then wasn't a surprise to me to see loads of the Limited Edition collection by New Look in the sale at the store in the Metro Centre, Gateshead. I guess the Limited Edition stuff can be a little less mainstream and my favourite item from the collection to date, an amazing faux-fur belted coat which was modelled by Pixie Geldof in the advertising campaigns, was actually reduced from £75 to £30 in the sale today despite there only being 400 of them and it being an amazing piece. Sadly, I'm neither a size 8 or 10. I guess I notice that up in Newcastle, despite the females having really cool style, some of the more unique or quirky pieces are left. Not that I'm complaining as I managed to bag opulent and statement necklaces for £1 reduced from £15. Chunky beads, bright jewel colours, large coloured stones and lots of beading- throw it all together and I'll wear it!

So, in honour of the store which supplied me with great joy today and took my mind away from K The Bore's muffin top, today's entire outfit is dedicated to my favourite store. Enjoy!

New Look by hollieanne