Saturday, 8 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dress for hospital visits.

Last night, after I published the blog, I took a slight turn for the worst and this morning ended up in hospital. Hmm, they're not my favourite places to say the least but the comfort of my Chloé swinging off my arm and a half decent cup of coffee inside me made me swallow my pride and divulge all my health secrets and tales to an amazing doctor.

So, after a short time in the hospital, I was well enough to pop off home with a prescription for some pills and an explanation that I'm slightly "odd" and "rare". That will do me, Love. As long as I'm not dying!

MYB and BFF were both worried but hopefully today's explanation might calm their beautiful minds a little. It's pretty safe to say that the recent bout of illness has been brought on by stress so I need to leave any issues regarding my father/UCAS/deadlines/MYB's ex-wife very much alone and enjoy a boiling hot bath, trashy TV and evenings wrapped up in the duvet as much as I can. Hopefully I'll be better for Friday when I'm probably spending the full weekend with MYB snuggled up under the duvet with a DVD or two and lots of glasses of wine- can't wait!

Now, the plus side of hospitals is the bloody fit doctors! Dressing For today needs to look comfortable but hot at the same time. OK, so the colour combination is verging on dull but if you're sick, you tend not to feel like dressing in the latest hot pink DKNY slinky dress. I really love this Sonia Rykiel bow sweater as it's the perfect weekend item. Tuck the sweater into this gorgeous office friendly Thurley bubble bow skirt and slip on some cheap Old Navy tights. Add a fab bag from ASOS and a £6 flower ring also from ASOS and then, finally, slip on some incredible Marni heels for extra long legs as you walk down the corridors and try not to vomit as you do so.

Hospital. by hollieanne