Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for stress.

I actually feel as if I am going to cry and never stop. But I don't even feel sad, I just feel super stressed.

I have assignments spilling out my ears, group work to co-ordinate, ideas which are not being listened to, a UCAS form to fully finish, an application to FIT in New York to sort out AND a weekend cuddle session with MYB to finalise. Do I feel sorry for myself? Yes I do!

I guess that's the thing with being stressed, isn't it? You try and take a little time out for it all to unwind but all you end up talking about is how stressed you are which makes you realise just how much there is to do. Take tonight for example, I was out for dinner with friends and although they understood my stress related rant fully, I felt bad for going on about rather depressing stuff. I know I should have a boiling hot bath with bubbles, take some magazines and a book to bed, have a square of chocolate and call MYB and have a little cry but I just can't- there's too much to do!

And I swear, if MYB can't do this weekend and help his girl relax then I shall be rather crossed. And even more stressed.

Hmm, so the outfit for today is blue. I feel blue a little but blue is also a really calming colour. My mother and I both adore this sweet Kirstin Davis for Belk blouse. It's so sweet! Pair with some skinny jeans by 7 For All Mankind and some pretty silver jewellery. Finally, add darker shades with some suede blue flats and a bag available from La Garconne. Take a deep breath. Everything will be fine...

Stress. by hollieanne