Friday, 7 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for sympathy.

I haven't shrugged off this infection. Actually, according to the doctor this morning it may well not be an infection and I'm getting a lot worse. My liver and kidneys are suffering and it's not because of a few too many glasses of champagne in bed with MYB. Not this time, anyway.

I've spent the day flicking through magazines, falling asleep on the sofa and giggling at my little brother doing impressions of everyone. According to him, all I do is shop for shoes/bags/dresses, write articles and apply lipbalm. He's got me perfect, come to think of it!

But what was perfect today was the sympathy. I've been ill for over a week now and am getting to the point where I'm all emotional and crying lots because it's just getting worse. First off, my mum- you can always trust your mum to look after you. "Do you want some soup? Or can I get you a hot chocolate? Shall I put The Hills on for you?". No, mum, I'm fine but thanks anyway.

Secondly, my best friend. Ahh, the gorgeous bloke who all my friends fancy and I did once upon a time. The bloke who, whenever I'm feeling a little low, will give me a place in his bed and provide me with take-out and a good DVD for the weekend. The bloke who, no matter what happens, I will hand on heart love forever. So the worrying "Please be OK, Baba!" texts from the BFF mixed with the "Just calling to say I love you" calls were such a sweet little touch.

Now, when a girl is feeling low, nothing can make one feel much better than a big bubble bath. On my way to my afternoon lecture yesterday, I picked up several products from Lush. This evening, after a yummy dinner of turkey and roasted leeks, I ventured into the bathroom and put Damien Rice on via iTunes. I slapped on some organic honey and oat face mask stuff and stepped into a boiling hot bath just as my Christmas Pudding bath-bomb was fizzing away. And, as I washed my hair in a pink and sparkly liquid named Snow Fairy, I couldn't help but smile.

But, topping the list (sorry Mum, sorry BFF) has to be MYB. I should be annoyed at him for a silly little reason but his- rather cute- little worrying tone this evening made me melt. Apparently, according to a text, he's worried about his "poorly peapodness". I know it's vomit inducing stuff but when my kidneys and liver feel like they're each giving birth to triplets, anything that can make me forget about it for 3.5 seconds is incredible. So, snuggled up in my bed with a novel and my favourite Tinkerbell nightwear on, MYB called. Stressed out with work, he brushed any ranting he wanted to do for pretty and caring words for his girl. Hmm, there's something about a bloody gorgeous man telling you that he thinks you're beautiful despite the fact that you look dreadful and feel like throwing up constantly. Thanks, MYB!

Thus, I'm dressing for nothing but cuddles and affection from MYB. This outfit is for cuddling up on my sofa with MYB, having him hold my hand as I'm sick and going for a slow walk around the park to get some fresh air. I think this Fendi dress is so pretty- and it's silk! I've paired it with a Miss Selfridge knitted beret, some Tom Ford over sized sunglasses for when the headache kicks in and the light hurts my eyes and some Juicy Couture gold pumps. Finally, add some bangles from Wet Seal and a Juicy Couture bag to hold any pills/bottles of water/medicine that you need. Hope I feel better soon!

Sympathy. by hollieanne