Monday, 17 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for having a major cold.

It's the time of year where you can never escape the horrible bugbear that is getting a cold or flu virus. Everyone is sneezing, people are coughing all over the place and your office is littered with stack loads of new tissues. So why do we always act as if it's such a shock when the symptoms start to show?

I noticed it last night. As soon as I came through the door, the sniffles started and the sore throat began to creep up on me. Thankfully, I was fine during the weekend so could enjoy cuddles and cocktails without so much of a splutter in sight but it may well be the weekend that could have caused it.

I ventured out at the weekend, like the legend of any woman who grew up within a 50 mile radius of Newcastle states, without a coat. I wore a pretty strapless and short dress with a very thin shrug cardigan and thin black tights. I was also in the company of a certain someone with a slight sniffle. And it's November! But all the logical reasons didn't stop me cursing and practically crying when I couldn't breath through my left nostril and my muscles ached like mad. Please flu, go away!

I need to be nice and wrapped up today and, as MYB isn't near to provide me with zillions of cuddles, I'll gladly made do with this outfit. I love the draped front cardigans that I own but this Micheal Kors one pretty much beats them all- if only for the colour. Add a striped tee from American Eagle and some slim leg wool pants by Helmut Lang. To keep the chill away, add some cashmere gloves and a pretty floral scarf available from New Look. Lastly, add more colour to cheer yourself up with some dotty Converse and a bright Chloé bag. I think we're all suffering from the dreaded winter illness, aren't we?

Cold and flu. by hollieanne