Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for surprise e-mails from MYB.

I've had a hectic day which resulted in some power dressing and super defending. I could write a mile long blog entry about the antics of today with television companies, porn, turning into my alter ego a la Beyonce and Sascha Fierce and the ripping apart of presentations. However, I like the positive things in life and find that a blog entry on your dear author going on and on about the ins and outs of advertising revenue, putting together a Microsoft PowerPoint and the National Geographic Channel would just be a one way ticket to Dullsville.

So, we're going to keep the mood upbeat! Don't you just love it when surprises come at just the right time? After an amazing day in education and a muffin and cappuccino at Starbucks, I came home and was exhausted. It's times like this, after five hours sleep and lots of caffeine, that I realise I am but a 19 year old and shouldn't want to "get myself settled" for the night in comfortable clothes and with a hot water bottle but that's the way it went this evening. I changed into some wide-leg trousers and a cashmere cardigan once I returned home and sat myself on the comfortable chair to read my e-mails; after a few press releases, a Facebook update and a case study request (I didn't have one, sorry!), I noticed an e-mail from a certain name I remembered very well but hardly ever see in my inbox.

MYB (or My Yummy Bloke for those of you who have not long joined us) has been so rushed off his feet with work lately that I started to get worried about his stress levels. Sure, we've spent some gorgeous time together of late just relaxing but I can't exactly be there to pour him another cup of coffee or give him a hug when he's being given paperwork beyond the roof or trying to employ decent news journalists, can I? He was working in a different city today which is a real regular occurrence but I couldn't help but feel sorry for him- late nights and lots of work are not good. So, during my only spare five minutes of the day, I dropped him an e-mail to say hello despite knowing he wouldn't perhaps get it until tomorrow once he was back in the usual office. I like to be a romantic idiot, to be honest and one of the things that most attracts me to MYB is how sweet and romantic he is.

As regards romance, I like the small things. Perhaps my definition of romance is different to most but to me it's things like when MYB knows my taste so well and texts me to tell me about a certain song I'd love or when he thinks the drive up to Chatsworth will be just as pretty as actually walking around the grounds will be or when he lights candles as we have dinner as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Therefore, after a crazed day, a small dose of MYB romance was just what I needed and just what I got. This afternoon MYB had sent me an e-mail just to tell me he thought I was gorgeous. He took time out of his crazy work schedule just to tell that to some 19 year old writer with a love of tea dresses, balloons and peach coloured socks. I'm positively glowing with happiness now.

I'd wear the outfit I've selected for Dressing For to go out for dinner with MYB- my treat! I love Gareth Pugh but, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, very little of his stuff is really that wearable but these two pieces are a total exception and are clearly being added to my Lust List; the silk top clearly reminds everyone of that Kate Moss ripped vintage Dior dress a little and the zig-zag wrap cardigan looks so comfortable. Pair with some Karl Lagerfeld straight leg jeans and a purple overload via accessories with a strawberry pendant, a pair of stunning earrings with a price tag of over £3,000 (eek!), some amazing Louboutins and a Dorothy Perkins clutch.

Surprise e-mail. by hollieanne