Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for using her Chloé Paddington for the first time.

I'm a very luck girl, although some would read that as "spoilt brat", as I am now the owner of a Chloé Paddington bag. It was a Christmas present that I was allowed to use early and the bag got her first outing today to my media lecture.

It is a beautiful bag- such soft leather and rather roomy considering it doesn't look it but, Jesus, isn't the bag/lock heavy? Never mind, I'll suffer the pain of a sore shoulder/arm/back from the lock and contents. Not a problem!

But why don't men get the joy that this bag brings me? I haven't really spoken to my boyfriend about it but, considering we discussed his love of Living Lohan and America's Next Top Model in my media lecture today, I'm sort of guessing he'll understand more than most. However, I called my best friend up and squealed in delight that I was carrying a Chloé Paddington on my arm and he just sort of snorted and started talking about his silly new computer game (snore!). His loss.

The biggest reaction came from my friend Mike, though, who implied that I was some sort of wannabe WAG. One must laugh but, as I text him back and tried to reason with him that I'm currently a girlfriend of an assistant editor and not a footballer, I realised that Ms. Beckham has exactly the same bag as moi. Seriously, Mike, I don't go for footballers. I just go for gorgeous bags!

Ah, just remembered what my media lecturer said about the bag; when discussing the sheer amazingness of it with a female friend, my lecturer made some comment about it being some sort of Mediveal torture bag. Hmm, if I become a kinky escort then it'll be my bag of choice.

So, it's all in the bag today for Dressing For. OK, so the outfit sort of doesn't colour match with the bag but when was that massively important? Starting with the bag (my bag!), well, not much needs to be said. I've done the classic layering look of a grey long sleeve tee and a very pretty navy Ci Ci for Topshop dress. Accessory wise, I'd throw on a beanie by ACNE, some super heels which are (surprisingly) by Paris Hilton and then added a tassel and bead necklace by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Braided. Finally, because you can, slip on a diamond Tiffany & Co. ring. I'd wear this for drinks with friends and then a quick Pizza Express with MYB.

Chloé Paddington. by hollieanne