Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for fiesty women.

I'm one of those birds who claims to dislike most women and not get on with them. 90% of you will now be thinking "She must be a flirt/man-eater/rude bitch/up herself". The other 10%, well, you're probably one of the very few females I do get along with.

Why don't girls like girls? Easy, most of them are threatened and a lot are jealous (yes, I did just go there!). So, when a girl and I clash, perhaps it is because she finds my Tory loving personality just a bit much but a lot of the time it may well be because she's jealous. Because, face it, that is the main reason women dislike each other. Hmm, so I'm circle shaped and my nose is a wee bit small and I have a really annoying giggle after several glasses of wine. I'm not saying that I am perfect and every woman should be jealous of me, but what I am saying is that I can see why some women could be. Just like I am jealous of other women (MYB's blonde, thin, intelligent ex to name but one) and just like I will continue to be of other women that I meet. My plus points? A rather decent little journalism career for being 19, a gorgeous and successful bloke, ambition and confidence in my apple shape figure (although I've lost 9lb in 3 weeks so I'm looking more Marilyn than ever before!). It takes a strong woman to admit there are reasons others may be jealous and it takes a confident woman to state her plus points- why don't women do it more often and stop being hard on themselves?

Simple fact is though, I often don't get on with women because they don't enjoy football, a decent pint and a kebab on a night which, by the way, would be my ideal night. I date metrosexuals who come across as being gay but my mates are all football loving blokes who ask me if they can wank over my tits after 11 pints. I always say no, by the way. Anyway...

So, how did I lead with this topic for today? Well, dear Readers, I was having lunch with my Aunt today and we got talking about X Factor. It came as little surprise to me that my Aunt didn't like Ruth ("She always has her bangers out and loves herself") and Rachel ("She's got such a bad attitude"). Hmm, no comment on their singing ability but their apparent attitude. Let's start with Ruth. In truth, 99% of men would love to sleep with Ruth because she's a stunning natural beauty with a body to die for. And as far as Rachel? That woman is an inspiration to all who have been knocked down. Jesus, after what she's been through she's going to have an attitude but if anyone wants to comment on how her attitude is "rude", I'll take you to Brixton and show you what rude is.

I just find, because I'm not slagging off every bit of fat on my body or because I'll use every muscle in my body to make it in the world of journalism, some people can perceive my confidence and ambition as attitude. Women judge confident women wrongly- we're nice, really!

Dressing For could only be about a figure loving dress and some killer heels today, couldn't it? Kicking off with the shoes to give even the most feet phobic people a shoe fetish. They are, of course, Yves Saint Laurent's blue sole beauties which will set you back a total of £415. Worth it? Hell yes! I'm loving this semi-80s style Balenciaga dress- the cut, the monochrome...yum. It'd take a strong woman to pull it off but why can't that be you?! Slip a Chanel classic on your arm and load up on jewels available from Net-A-Porter that you bought yourself, of course. All set to go out and meet your model looking and successful bloke? Slip on some Destiny's Child and shake what your momma gave you because, my word, you look hot!

Woman. by hollieanne