Saturday, 28 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a day of newspapers and magazines and an early night.

As you'll all know by now, Saturday is my relaxation day if I'm at home and today has been no exception. I started off by indulging in sausage, bacon and scrambled egg for breakfast and then moved on to hours and hours of newspaper and magazine reading.

I am now sat in bed (early, I know!) pondering the delights of my BFF's evening with his new girl and dreaming of the incredible future my own love life has to offer. Once I finish daydreaming and finish blogging, I plan on getting an hour in of novel writing and then a good read over Grazia and Psychologies magazine.

I've just had a phone conversation where I recalled how I'm feeling a little low and thus perhaps indulging in it a little like a typical middle-class work-a-holic. Amidst my woes and cries of "Oh god, I'm so miserable and sodding boring- how the hell do you manage to love me?", I was reminded that comfort sometimes is relaxing like this and there's nothing to be ashamed of. What do you lot do to make yourselves feel better? I think I might have to pop downstairs for some chocolate, is anyone with me on this one?

The outfit today is so plain and generic of what I see of seventeen year olds walking around educational establishments but you've got to admit it looks comfortable. The dress and pretty corsage hairband are from Miss Selfridge whilst the pink pumps come from it's sister store, Topshop. The standard ankle skimming leggings are avalible from the American store Wet Seal. And finally, the neon bird necklace and fabulous heart ring are by the ever so wonderful ASOS. Hope you're having a great Saturday!

Magazines and newspapers sort of day.
Magazines and newspapers sort of day. - by hollieanne on