Friday, 13 March 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a little too much wine.

Wow, good bloody night out. How on earth am I managing to blog? Why am I blogging? I have no idea. Good night though. Wine, amazing company and learning how to skip down steep banks. I cannot skip, I have concluded.

Anyway, I cannot wait to go to bed and talk to MYB. Perhaps I won't make much sense but my best friend isn't available for me to rattle on to because he's getting lucky tonight! Oh yes! I've just rang my BFF to er...sing to him, and his new date was over his place and staying over. I'm well chuffed for him but jealous because my BFF better make sure his best friend comes before his new girlfriend.

Outfit time! This dress is Lipsy and I always love a Lipsy dress; I've noticed they're opening a few stores (Gateshead and Manchester, I've noted) and I think they'll go down like a storm. I've added a zebra print Halston clutch, Louboutin heels and earrings from Topshop. The cocktail ring is also Topshop and the watch is Marc by Marc Jacobs. I need water!

Too much.
Too much. - by hollieanne on