Friday, 26 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for her purse.

My D&G purse went missing today. All dressed up and ready to take my brothers to McDonalds for a special treat, I was packing by satchel when I realized my beloved patent purse was missing from my gym bag I'd used last night at my salsa class. My brothers and I looked everywhere and I started to cry. I gave up looking and retired to my bed to call MYB so he could comfort his girl. Then an email popped into my inbox. The people at the gym had found my purse and found my email address inside my purse so they contacted me that way. The sad thing is is that £20 was missing but I still had £30 in there so I've been lucky. Isn't it weird how it's the sentimental stuff that matters most? A car park ticket from a romantic day at Chatsworth, a tiny card from mum and MYB's business card which inspires me so much.

Some exciting career news happened today! Watch this space...