Monday, 1 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for finishing one book and starting another.

I love books. Indeed, in my manic episodes I have a tendancy to purchase paper backed chick-lit which I devour in days and then relish the next trip to Waterstones. In my manic episodes, books feel safe and are much safer than choices of alcohol, drugs, gambling or many other vices taken on by those with BPD or bi-polar. Because of my love of books, an upside to my BPD is summer upon summers worth of beautiful reading.

As I may have mentioned, I've been re -reading "A good girl comes undone" which is my favourite book of all time. I love that excited moment when you're reaching the last five pages or so and you even ignore the telephone ringing or needs for more herbal tea just to reach the end. I consumed the end of my favourite novel once more like my first cocktail in weeks.

But then there's the most exciting bit, having the next title lined up. Within seconds you're finishing one tattered book and opening the crisp cream paper of another with a crackle and crack of the spine. I'm now onto "The egg race" also by Polly Williams. I read carefully with a rather amused smile in knowing I never plan on having children.

What are you all reading?