Sunday, 31 May 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for getting excited about next weekend.

June will mark a year since the most life changing and tragic event of my life. But before I get sad about it all, I have next weekend to look forward to. My darling love and I are staying beautifully strong through any sad emotions and flashbacks we may have thus meaning next weekend will be filled with champagne, Hyde Park, the V&A, a pretty hotel and Britney Spears on Saturday 5th!

So today, my love and I have exchanging gorgeous words, booking spa hotels and getting excited about bring reunited! I have also, of course, spent today shopping! A simple skinny black belt which shall remain ever classy, elegant tan peep toes, a sparkly rose ring and the most divine dress which will make MYB want to marry me in an instant.

It's ironic, really, I shouldn't be wishing my life away when I am ever so lucky to be alive but I cannot wait until Friday night.