Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for book reading.

Tomorrow will see my reviewing a certain book. Covered in gold card, gold leaf flowers, a slash of red for Louboutin-esque shoes and a white silhouette. Behind the cover lies "A good girl comes undone" by Polly Williams. Behind the cover you'll find me- the sensible magazine writer with high aspirations and a certain niceness which can sometimes mean one suffers in this industry. Amongst the pages you'll find a character who reminds me of the love of my life (intelligent, powerful and intriguing no matter how long time passes) and you'll find characters who remind me of my best friend, of my mother, of people I've met through work. It's simply my favourite book because it is one in which I relate to more than any other on the shelves of our libraries and book stores across the world. It may not be a classic but it's mine and I adore it.

Perhaps I should memorise that paragraph and include that in the review tomorrow? I'm sure I'll write something similar. I've been flicking through the pages again today, reading with the type of hunger I only get when I'm put in an enchanting work situation of kissing my darling boyfriend for the first time in two weeks.

What's your favourite book? It surprises me that people often think a favourite book should be "a classic"and something millions of others have enjoyed but a favourite book is simply something which touches you to the point that, by the end of several hours of reading, you feel you actually are the character.

The outfit I've styled for today would be worn for an afternoon reading in a coffee shop, looking outside at the sun and busy people. I've started with this stunning Chloé sequin vest which I've teamed with Topshop jeans and super gorgeous Rupert Sanderson t-bar sandals. Accessories are peachy and nude with a Topshop bag, Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop scarf, bracelets by Miss Selfridge and a fab straw trilby by American Eagle.