Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for an early morning in Manchester.

I'm back. Indeed, I was back twelve hours ago. My plan to stay wriggling in bed and enjoy several more hours of sleep whilst my love got an early morning train kind of changed. Once he woke up, the idea of a hot bubble bath was too tempting and I threw my outfit together and was holding hands with my love on the streets of Manchester by 0610am.

Early mornings are nice sometimes, aren't they? I enjoyed the crisp air hitting my face as I snuggled into my love as we walked to the station. By 0630, I was alone as MYB went off for a train to work and I used my spare half hour to grab an iced mocha and a granola bar from Starbucks.

I had such a lovely morning. I like normality best so silly things like morning walks to the train station and waving goodbye to the man I am in love with make me a very happy girl indeed. It's similar to the smell of library books, seeing a man in a tuxedo, wearing my hair in plaits or drinking hot chocolate. Y'all know I'm a simple country girl!

I have to admit, my darling and I looked rather stunning together this morning- perfectly styled clothes, shiny hair, shiny shoes and loving smiles- and I felt beautiful despite the early hour. I've styled up a really sharp outfit for today, starting with this Rebecca Taylor ruffle front sweater. I've added some fab purple A.P.C cotton shorts and Fendi strappy heels and finished the look with a white Celine frame bag. Jewellery comes in the form of these crest earrings by ModCloth and a cute little turtle necklace by Accessorize.