Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for romantic reunions at terminal 3.

Sometimes love really is like the movies. I love those scenes in films where lovers embrace at train stations or airports and they share a wildly passionate smooch as if they've been apart for years due to war or some such.

After an afternoon of writing and editing, I popped into Manchester Selfridges and bought the prettiest cupcakes. I had a relaxing bath, threw on a simple outfit of amazingly fitting jeans and my new boyfriend blazer and headed off to the airport to meet my love. Everything felt a bit 1950s as I saw the love of my life emerge from the arrivals doors and he scooped me up like I was his dream come true- and perhaps I am!

It's been a very odd day: lots of hard work, lots of travel and now there's about to be a big spoonful of romance and kisses to finish the day off. Hope you've had a good one, guys. Outfits resume tomorrow.