Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for a super productive day.

I'll admit, I didn't wake up until 930am today and that was only because MYB woke me with a sweet text. I even took the pleasure of a lazy breakfast of coffee and grapefruit in front of the TV (BBC news 24, if you're wondering). And all during the day I took upon myself the great modern day need that is to Twitter.

But when I did start working, I got so much done. I managed to 90% finish a freelance piece and do a really good 3000ish words on the novel. Between all that, I set to work as the baking queen! I made some simple biscuits which I later iced with tiny red hearts. I then made a yummy flourless chocolate cake which was deliciously gooey. For dinner, I made my famed super spicy sausage pasta bake- yummy! Oh, and I managed to find the time to watch season 1 of Sex and the City.

It's been a pretty little day with discussions of love and romance. Hope you've all had a gorgeous day.