Saturday, 13 June 2009

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for photographs.

Anyone close to me could tell you what I'm like with my camera- snap, snap, snap constantly with a hunger to keep the moment alive in several images which I can hold onto forever. I love documenting everything- outfits and purchases for style blogs and fashion groups, flowers and plants in the garden so I can watch the seasons change in several shots, tiny moments filled with love and private jokes to hold close to my heart if we were to be ever so unlucky and lose that happiness.

But how often do you actually get your photos processed? It's rare I have something to hold and rather Flickr and Facebook become my frames of choice. So today, still high from last weekend, I took my camera card and within minutes held several images of 2 people so in tune, so lost in the moment and so very happy. To hold the smiling faces in my hand reminded me that technology often always lacks in reality.