Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for sausage dog cuddles.

I had the most brilliant day today! Did I go shopping and find the perfect vintage fur coat? Nope. Did I get the role of editor at Glamour? Sadly not. Did I meet Kate Moss and ask her why she's so overrated? No, but I will one day. Did I meet Peaches Geldof/Laura Hollins (Agyness Deyn)/ Gok Wan and make them vanish off the face of the earth? Again, no but I will one day!

Today, my greatest life dream came true... I got some major cuddly snuggles from a gorgeous wee sausage dog! Ahh, it was love.

There I was, walking down my local high street and giggling to myself at the 14 year old pregnant girls and the amount of 6 month old babies with Greggs pasties in their mouths when I suddenly spotted the most gorgeous and divine creature alive (sorry, Robin!). He cause a bit of a fuss- the long body, wet nose and cute little dreamy eyes made everyone stop and stare and eventually I just couldn't help myself.

I stroked him (I've since, in my head, named him Mustard) and his tiny wet doggy nose gave me a sweet little kiss. I cuddled him and thought about running off with him but I wasn't sure my gladiator sandals would carry me fast enough. I'm not one for animals but sausage dogs are a major exception.

The outfit selected for today represents all the joy Mustard gave me this afternoon. I haven't stop smiling (little things please little minds...) and I doubt I ever would if I owned this yummy Dorothy Perkins coat- just look at the bow! I've added a Karl Lagerfeld tee and Topshop mini and paired them with bright orange tights and green Topshop frill heels to brighten it all up. Finally, a patent orange bow bag and elephant earrings complete the bright colour pop look. Yum yum!

Sausage dog joy. by hollieanne