Friday, 17 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for chick-lit Friday.

My day off- yippee! Actually, it should be a study day where I do all my essays and pitch articles/send off copy so I have the weekend free but I prefer to spend it in something slouchy and floaty and drink green tea all day.

After a hospital appointment this morning, I opted out of going into town and made myself the first caramel latte of the day. "Lipstick Jungle" by "Sex And The City" author Candance Bushell in one hand, coffee cup in the other and BBC Radio 4 playing in the background. Yes, I am really 56 and not 19.

My entire weekend will probably follow the same pattern and will end in a hot bath and wishful conversations on the phone to my bloke about Paris, pug dogs, studying in New York, his music, Cath Kidston and 1920s flapper girls. Either that or my best mate will be nattering on about girls and asking for dating advice. That boy is gorgeous. He needs no advice at all.

The outfit today follows on from the feminine look of yesterday. Soft, floaty and chic.
Mayle Itati has produced this striking cami which looks like it would hang like a dream on the right figure (I'm thinking small bust; so basically, not mine!). Teamed with some iconic Sass & Bide jeans and a super pretty cardigan from Republic. Now, I hope my boyfriend/best friend is reading this and comes across this cute as candyfloss bag! It's available for just under a tenner so is the perfect weekend online shopping treat- I can feel my card screeching at me to use it. The gold Converse are just plain fabulous and, last but totally not least, the Chanel ring and brooch are to die for. Yes please, Santa! Perfect outfit for a coffee and book morning followed by some writing and a glass of rosé and a cuddle with your bloke.

Relaxed Friday. by hollieanne