Friday, 24 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for arguing.

I have never met a man so ill educated when it comes to other people's feelings! I am officially cross. At who? My mother's choice of bloke. Not only did he really offend me last week (did I write about that? I don't think I did) with a comment that hurt so much but he also cannot understand that I'm still hurt about it.

He talks to me as if I'm just some "silly tart"- a phrase he's used in the past and will certainly not use when he's talking to me ever again! I despise the way he sees women as being second, it's only a small amount but it's too much. Of course, my mother can't really see it but it drives me insane! You can tell he thinks women are over-emotional and silly. Well, Mr. E, I think you're a bit of an ignorant idiot. How dare you demand such respect and not give it back. How dare you tell me that your comment last week didn't effect me. How dare you claim that I am lying when I say I feel a certain way.

I know, you shouldn't let these things get to you but they do. I just really, really, really want to go round to my boyfriend's place and get the most gorgeous blond hug and have a tiny cry and be looked after for an hour or two. I want to feel all sorry for myself and get cross at Mr. E and be so elated that my man is intelligent, educated and dresses bloody good rather than in Newcastle United shirts and minging jeans! I am officially pouty!

As I'm sure you'd have guessed, Dressing For is today for arguments with narrow minded people who won't listen to you and are chauvinistic and demand attention just because they're a man! Hmm, can anyone say feminist? I'd wear this outfit to go and pick up a bottle of red wine, stomp round to my boyfriend's and rant for about three hours about Mr. E. This outfit would be unusual for me to wear as I prefer to be a bit more girly but I love the "rock chick" look that Kate Moss appears to wear so well. The Judy Blame tank top is true goth goddess style and paired with dark denim skinny jeans and kill-ah (!!!) Moschino shoe boots, you're onto true "I really have just thrown this on but don't I look amazing?" bad girl style. Throw over a Luella blazer and swing this Chanel quirky classic off your arm and you're almost ready to go. Finally, a high-street hit via this fab Miss Selfridge cocktail ring. Add lashings of black eyeliner, a massive pout and stack loads of feminist attitude.

Argue. by hollieanne