Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the farm at the bottom of her father's garden.

I met my father's latest girlfriend today and saw his new flat for the first time. My dad has a habit of swaying from one woman to the next so planning an outfit to impress her is long gone. It's a Sunday so I stole my mother's grey dip-dye leopard print cardigan, my favourite green skirt and grey leopard print shoes. And a slick of pink lipstick which makes my father realise I'm a real live grown-up now!

Hmm, so this girlfriend is blonde. His previous lot, minus one, have been dark ladies but I'm guessing he got bored. My opinion of the lady we'll call K has been odd. My father first told me about her and explained how she's had a very, very, very bad time over the past few years. Blackmail to make me like her after I bonded so well with the last girlfriend? Probably.

In the end, K was OK. Nothing to write home about. But what was to write home about was my father's new flat! Wow, wow and wow again! Not only is it super chic, super slick and super modern but it has the most amazing countryside views and a farm for a garden. Yup, my father who works in a call centre now has a farm for a garden. I spoke to the 3 ducks, made noises at the horses, laughed at the hens and gave the goat an evil stare. I'm impressed, Dad!

So today's look is all about looking chic in the mud. OK, so this Stephen Jones beret is nearly £200 but it's gorgeous! Add a cute tea dress by Goddiva, a Lady Luck Rules OK brooch and the compulsory Cath Kidston wellies are you're sorted. All that's missing is a bit of hay at the end of your lippie coated pout.