Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for the feelings of not being bothered.

So, after my rough day yesterday which ended in a tearful call to my boyfriend ("But I just *sniff* want to do... *wail* weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll!"), I woke this morning not caring about any one's disrespectful attitudes; this then reflected in my outfit.

On those days where you really do just throw everything on (Ms.Moss/Sienna Miller/Peaches bleedin' Geldof, this is NOT you- no matter what you say and try to portray) you should really embrace it. My actual outfit from today is pictured below and hey, I might be a circle shaped Northern bird with little sense of style but I don't care and my Converse All Stars kept my feet warm!

There's a great satisfaction in picking up the first few items you find- on the floor- and creating something new that feels more comfy than a pair of M&S pjs. I do wish, however, that my floor contained these beauties of a Marc by Marc Jacobs hairband (yup, Cheryl Cole did wear it on X Factor last weekend), Topshop's fugly but hot tiger tee and the most luxurious See by ChloƩ tights. Yummy, aren't they?

Until tomorrow...

And finally, the pouty and circle shaped creature named Hollie-Anne Brooks: