Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for yesterday.

I am bad! Ooops. I know, I know, yesterday's entry didn't happen but you do get two this evening. I wish I could say I was at some party and drinking champers until 4am but it honestly just slipped my mind. My eyes were too busy lighting up at seeing the Hollyoaks girls all dressed up for the National Television Awards. I must say, people slag them off but the Hollyoaks lot are all gorgeously natural and stylish beauties. Ahh, to be shockingly beautiful and talented.

Anyway, yesterday consisted of very little. A sad little cold bug and a long lunch in the pub with friends. I wish I'd been on the wine but I'm watching the calories so had a diet lemonade- I am as cool as Kate Moss, right? Right?!

One thing I did do yesterday was sent a pretty little flirty text to the boss. Well, not my boss but a big team of journalists and media folks' boss. Yup, I am lucky that my other half is rather successful and thus, as it turns out, is in charge of lots of people; rather inspirational, really. So, knowing he'd be sat at his desk, I popped a little "You are bloody gorgeous! xx" text message to his mobile to make him smile. It's nice knowing he'd be sitting at his desk in his striped shirt and yummy trousers and reading the text with a smile. I guess it's always important to remind someone you love them, isn't it? A little flirtation goes a long way when you've been with someone for a while. Then, last night just before I was about to drift off to sleep and feel a little sad because my love wasn't cuddling me with his rather perfect arms, I sent another text reminding him that I was super proud of him and that I loved him very much. Today I learned that that evening had been rather chaotic and not very pleasant for one reason or another so my text had made him smile. So, a little random message can mean a lot and I think one of the things that keep a long term relationship going is the tiny things and still flirting as if you were on your third date (as we all know the "Three Date Rule"!).

Dressing For is for flirting with the boss! A little striped skirt paired with a Malene Birger blouse is the perfect work look that makes you look hot and not frumpy. What I haven't done here is add a pair of tights which, unless you work in the media or fashion industry and can get away with anything, I'd very much suggest. Stand tall with some appallingly sexy shoe-boots and add a pretty pair of hoops and a gorgeous golden Mattijs Van Bergen bow ring. Next, throw on this super chic and classic Fendi babydoll trench coat and then slide a grey leather briefcase on to show him that you have brains too! And if your boss isn't too pretty/has a wife/is gay, perhaps remind your man that he's in control- if only for one night! Have fun...

Yesterday. by hollieanne