Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for making the deadline.

I was poorly this morning so missed my philosophy lecture and drifted off whilst watching news story after news story about Kerry Katona and her "frazzled" appearance on yesterday's This Morning.

However, I knew I had to pull myself together and make it in this afternoon as my feminist work of art in the form of an advertising essay had to be submitted and signed for by 5pm. Come 1:45 when my eyes were sore, the rain was hitting off the roof like mad and my mum was offering tea and hugs like there was no tomorrow, I was rather reluctant but there was zero way I was going to lose 2% of my grade mark for being late.

Braved in thick tights, my tattered metallic purple flats, a lifetime lasting LBD and my envy inducing M&S circle trench, I made it to campus at 4. Now, anyone reading who has younger children will know what a nightmare brothers can be when it comes to using the computer. I had a major panic on as my "darling" brother had used all the ink on the printer for printing off Hannah Montana and Halloween pictures to display in his room. Thankfully, the library came to the rescue and my essay was signed for in the office at 4:47pm. And I wasn't the last one to hand it in; with around ten minutes to go, at least three names were still not reported to have handed in the essay which was worth 60% for unit 1- eeek!

Dressing For is today designed with rushing about in mind. Some Christian Louboutin patent flats provide sophisticated and stylish footwear by the iconic designer of shoes- when deadlines are minutes away, I doubt your heels will get you far! Slip on a 3.1 Phillip Lim orange dress and black tights for a super simple but chic look and throw over a clashing colour such as this pink cardigan. Finally, add an on-trent tassle bag and a Dries Van Noten statement necklace that is to die for!

On time. by hollieanne