Monday, 27 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for leopard print coats.

The piggies are doing very well. Horatio has stated himself as a bit of a bully and appears to love biting the bottom of Gordon and chasing him around until he does a tiny piggy cry- poor thing. Once we can handle them in the next few days, I think Gordon will get a few more cuddles to make up for mean Horatio's chasing.

Anyway, onto fashion! I've never been a coat person, really. Perhaps it's a Newcastle thing as Newcastle girls as known for never wearing a coat on a night out. Or perhaps I just don't mind the cold. But this A/W I've acquired four lovely coats of all colours and styles.

My first purchase was a beautiful khaki full circle skirt mac from the M&S. It's become a very envy induced coat with stack loads of compliments and many people not realising Marks and Spencer could be so fashion forward (It can! You just have to search a bit!). My second purchase would again be from Marks and Spencers. A beautifully smart and amazingly cut bright pink number with the most amazing over sized collar and a wonderful cocoon shape. This coat would set me back a small fortune but it's a beauty. The third buy of this A/W was my beloved cape from Primark with military style buttons. Yummy! And then, my latest purchase would be a dream. Searching Primark amongst size 8 bow print tea dresses reduced to a fiver, I'd find a fabulous and rather divine faux fur leopard print coat. Slightly cropped sleeves, finishes at the waist and with a high collar- I couldn't ask for more for £25! And it was the last one in my size- total shopping fate!

So, today we are dressing just for that coat! The boyfriend is being indecisive and making you feel a bit rubbish, your brothers are home for half term and driving you mad and your best mate is too busy swooning over his cricket trophy. So, what do you do? Grab an amazingly stand-out outfit and go off for a cocktail. I've started with a New Look jacket- double breasted so perhaps for the smaller girls in life but still super cute and yet super smart. Underneath we have a fab Alice in Wonderland vest by Topshop and then (wait for it...) some PVC leggings. Yup, this is an outfit for the super skinny but if you can work it, then bloody well work it! Slip on super high Jimmy Choo shoe-boots and hold this bright blue feather Topshop clutch in the hand wearing the red cocktail ring- clashing colours but oh so good! I'll have a martini...

Leopard Print Jacket. by hollieanne