Monday, 20 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for flirty comments.

Oh la la, aren't I the sex siren? But someone certainly thinks I ain't half bad for a fat lass!

I was in such a panic this morning over changing my lecturer and lecture time that I threw on the closest things to hand; this resulted in a brown dress, mustard cardigan, red and check scarf, black leggings and red shoes. Not as bad as it sounds but not great by any means.

I rushed around campus this morning trying to change my Monday/Tuesday English Language lecture to the Monday evening four hour one. The English department where, in all respect, not too helpful and my upset about the comment made towards me was almost brushed off. Hmm, what can I do? I had to justify changing to the evening class as it being better for study time and such. I'm all for handling confrontation heads on and discussing it calmly but when I tried to do that this morning my ever defensive lecturer got worked on. Onwards and upwards, eh?

Walking out of college, I was soaked by the rain and my umbrella didn't stand a chance. Creeping through the streets of China Town and listening to Kings of Leon, I looked an utter mess. But Office Man certainly didn't think so! Now, let me explain who Office Man is- he does, of course, work in an office and we pass each other every day and wave hello, Office Man often smiles at me with his shockingly gorgeous smile and it makes my morning, I have to admit.

So with rain soaked hair, a cardigan that was dripping wet and a slightly worked-up pout, Office Man and I walked the same direction into town and glanced at each other lots. Then Office Man stopped!

OM: "You look really nice today!"
Me: "What? Me? I am soaked right through"
OM: "I know" [insert gorgeous smile here]

Ahh, my day has been made! Of course, I do have a lovely boyfriend who I'm super committed to but he'd agree with me that a little flirtation and a tiny crush actually does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. Well, Office Man, I thought you looked nice today as well!

So, with a skipping round the streets and an evening glass to attend tonight, we need to be preppy and yet pretty. I've started with this gorgeous Topshop prom style dress and layered it with a Batman t-shirt. Add some purple polkadot tights, yummy Oxfords and vintage bag and you're almost complete. A bobble hat for the cold weather and then some seriously classy bling in the form on this Monica Vinader ring. Now, remember to smile and wave, smile and wave...

Flirting. by hollieanne