Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for going auburn.

I had a duvet day today. A lie-in after meeting The Hoosiers last night and shaking my bottom off in a fancy dress outfit that I described as "an oppressed 50s feminist housewife" but was twice described as "Kim and Aggie from Channel 4". Either way, for last night and last night only, I came across as a woman with a lot of scrubbing power!

I emerged from my gorgeous double bed at 11am. Sadly, there was no yummy man next to me to provide cuddles and breakfast in bed so I wandered downstairs and watched This Morning with my mum. I am a classy bird.

After lazing about in my favourite pjs of the moment, I got dressed in a fabulous blue check shirt with ruffle detail, comfy jeans and the cape of my dreams. In retrospect, the gladiator sandals were not a good idea in the rain but it was fabulous and cosy in my hair salon/beauticians.

After a while of staring at Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud in the likes of Now Magazine, I knew I needed to embrace the world of ginger hair! I know, I know, it's apparently not enough for me that I have glasses, a gap between my teeth, a rather large pair of hips to say the least and a quirky dress sense- I just had to go into bully central and go all out.

It took two hours and lots of bleaching of my hair to give me the auburn look I craved. It's not exactly the bright ginger that I really want as to clash with my signature pink lipstick, but it's the best they could do with my darker than dark hair until November 25th when my hair will be going under another dye job. I love it.

So, to show off my new auburn colour, I've picked the key shades to match my new tone. Starting off with this "I must own and I'll happily sell my gorgeous, intelligent and successful boyfriend for it" Marc Jacobs trench; nice autumnal colour, eh? Underneath I've added this Diane von Furstenberg Tuvallu kimono dress. Blue works amazing with ginger shades, thus my blue check ruffle shirt I wore out today. As it's getting colder, wetter and typically English outside, it's time to add some tights by Topshop and slip on these ChloƩ boots. And it does seem a shame to cover up newly done hair but I would for this classic over sized floppy hat.

auburn by hollieanne