Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for novel writing.

I hadn't touched my novel in a few weeks, I admit. Perhaps just being busy with college work, selecting a University, worrying about my father acting like a teenager and resisting the temptations of a Starbucks or a cupcake is what did it.

I used to set aside an hour or two most evenings to write down ideas, read everything over, edit and actually scribble down a few lines but I've been shy with it of late. It was nice to trap myself in the South London antics of my characters and become a different character for a few hours. I researched my characters more and visualised myself in their shoes and in their outfits. I adore writing this book as it's not standard chick-lit but it has a whole other side to it which adds a certain stand-out aspect to it- or at least I hope! I'm not saying the novel will be a number one best seller but I do know that it's the most enjoyable thing to do on a rather dull Thursday where the hailstones won't stop.

I often dream of what my book launch will be like and come up with images of Bridget Jones and disastrous speeches, which will probably be the reality of it all. Hmm, I'm thinking some pretty satin black dress, a chic little up-do, too much red wine and my boyfriend on my arm telling me that I buggered the speech up and had red wine down my dress but he couldn't wait to take me home. Ha! Perhaps wishful thinking? When I reach the age of my first book being published, I'll either be some 28 year old singleton with cats or a 67 year old woman who looks like Vivienne Westwood but has to be wheeled round in a wheelchair after a skiing accident or some such. Hmm...

Today is a pretty but comfortable day. Starting with a Marc by Marc Jacobs tea dress which is perfect for the weekend, the office, a party and for a date- it's a brilliant purchase! Pair with a Topshop People Tree green cable knit scarf and a bright Mulberry poppy tote for some major colour. Slip on some simple Miu Miu flats and a purple rose ring. Next, curl up in a coffee shop with a large cappuccino and write away!

Novel writing. by hollieanne