Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for The Hills.

I finally purchased the "reality" series The Hills on DVD today. After months of giggling over T4 showings of Lauren et al, I handed over the Zavvi shop assistant a total of £18 so I can spend my Sunday evenings watching the semi-trashy show over and over again.

Last month my boyfriend and I sat down to watch an episode. A lazy Saturday morning at his place with tea and pastries became a vital moment in my boyfriend's life, seemingly. As a fan of Living Lohan and Newlyweds, I was surprised he hadn't involved himself in the love lives of Heidi and Spencer. Watching it together, both of us total media geeks, we analysed the show and came out with the following conversation:

Boyfriend: "Hollie, this is utter shit!"
Me: "Yeah, but it's sooooo good!"

You have to love it, right?

Dressing For is today inspired by "complicated" love lives, the younger days of working at Teen Vogue and the major need for a Chanel bag!

Simple Charlotte Russe shorts, a Topshop Marc Bolan tee and a Warehouse cardigan focus on the staple "LA Girl About Town" look. But what makes it is the accessories. Chanel large quilted shopper? Check! Chanel-esque quilted ballet flats available from Net-A-Porter? Check! Huge sunglasses? Yup! And a colourful Topshop bracelet? You know it! So, stick your "cell phone" to your ear and pretend you're chatting to Teen Vogue's West Coast Editor- true The Hills style!