Monday, 13 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for critiquing the critique.

Having been in the journalism trade for some time now, I've come to realise that- unless stated- criticism is never personal but always constructive. You develop a thick skin in this industry and rejection becomes your new best friend. You brush it off and get on with it, change bits of an article to fit the bill, find a new source and scrap a million ideas you thought were world changing. Hey, that's just the way it goes.

But upon returning to education, I was looking forward to getting to grips with questioning the lecturer's marking and self analysing work. Rather than accepting things and doing as my editor tells me, I was looking forward to saying "Well, actually, I think...".

So today I got my "personal essay" back for my HEFC English Language course. I'd wrote about an event in my life which will change me forever, an event I'm still recovering from but an event which is so profound that I can detach myself from it and write it as if it were a film script. I was elated with the first draft and handed it in two weeks before the due date as I was promised it would be marked early and I could work my way towards a first.

Hmm, I got the essay back today and what a fuss it caused. Magazine titles need to go in italics? Sure. I used an apostrophe wrong? Sorry! But an attack on my past? Er, no thanks.

Yup, my teacher actually implied that I am possibly rather stressed and I need to take it easy and not question the marks. And what did I do? Well, I said that- for ethical reasons- I didn't want to lie in my autobiographical piece even if it did get me a distinction. Hmm, walking on eggshells are we? It's called having the balls not to mumble "OK" and totter off and be an unethical writer.

Dressing For is today about being sharp, smart and a little bit of a rebel.

Miss Selfridge have done this wonderful grey check skirt that could easily be a designer piece with a huge price-tag, add on a quirky and super cheap Paris tee from Wet Seal and then throw over a wonderfully odd Fred Flare cardigan for that inner protester. The beret of my dreams and Aldo gloves give a chic feel and the La Garçonne shoe boots are perfect for sashaying down the corridor with attitude. Finally, an amazing John Galliano newspaper bag that reminds me of my media roots.

Critique. by hollieanne