Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for finding out his real name.

Have I ever told you the story of Humphries and Owner? I'm not sure I have, have I? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

Every morning, at the same time, I get on the bus into Newcastle from my home. And every morning, in the same spot, sits a pair I call Humphries and Owner. Humphries is a gorgeous shaggy dog, described in modern culture as a Dulux dog. Owner is, of course, the owner of Humphries. Owner is always dressed rather casually and sits and listens to his iPod- at around the age of 55, I wonder what he listens to as Humphries sits and attracts smiles from the crowd of commuters.

I'd tell the tale of Humphries and Owner- how they appeared, what stop they got off at and my theories as to where they might be going- to my best friend and my mother. We all rapidly became intrigued by the duo and brief mentions of them on an evening turned into immediate texting on a morning as soon as I saw them.

I came up with the name Humphries- he really suits it and I then further have discussions about the shattering of illusions about his real name. I swore I'd never find it out.

Then today, as I left campus at a different time to normal, I found myself sat in the station with Humphries' head on my lap. Humphries and Owner were waiting for the same bus as I was and I was rather elated inside to find that Owner said hello to me. As I stroked Humphries, Owner smiled and I just had to do it!

"What's his name?" I asked, terrified of a response such as "Shaggy" or "Cuddles".
"Shepard" replied Owner with a smile.

Shepard? Humphries is called Shepard?! You know what, the illusion isn't ruined and so the reality is a million times better. I never did quite find out where they were going though...

Dressing For is today inspired by a park walk with Humphries/Shepard. It's been freezing outside so one needs to start with a snuggly and smart looking Topshop coat. Next, the focus piece- a fabulous print skirt by Erdem Laverna skirt that I'd sell my boyfriend for (that is, if he were not so damn gorgeous and super intelligent!). It is such a beautiful skirt though, isn't it? Dressed down with cashmere t-shirts and perfect for the office with a tailored white shirt. Then go navy mad with a Dorothy Perkins shopper, some vintage leather gloves and super cute shoes- a slight 50s look that I heart. Is it true that loads of people meet their partner whilst walking their dogs? I have no doubt you would in this super sweet outfit. Happy dog walking!

Finding out his real name. by hollieanne