Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for her Guinea pigs!

What a fabulous day! What turned into a dull morning waiting for Mr. E's care to get fixed, ended with my two new little cutie-pies!

I am now a yummy mummy to Gordon and Horatio the Guinea Pigs. How fun are trips to Pets At Home? That place might have had a lot of dead fish flolating in the aquariums but it sure does have some sweet little Guinea Pigs. My step-brothers and I opted for two rather scruffy looking creatures and, after much confusion over how we were going to fit the rather huge cage into the care, took them back to our Northern and noisey home.

They're a little scared at the moment but Horatio appears to be the more nosey one and he isn't shy at all. I can't wait until they get settled in and I can pick them up and take lots of photos with them. Oh and yes, I did pick their names!

Dressing For is today about comfort, style and cuddling little balls of fluff. This Topshop knit dress looks super comfy and is really quirky with the dog print. Pair with two Chanel classics- the cute flat shoes and super glam bag. Finally, add some Topshop pink mittens for some colour and to keep your fingers warm in this really aweful weather!

Guinea Pigs. by hollieanne