Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hollie-Anne Brooks dresses for Sunderland.

My mummy is an absolute star! We took her for a job assessment at a hospital in Sunderland today and she bloody well passed it with flying colours. She'll have an interview within the next week or so. I have very little to say but "Go Meme! Go Meme!".

Whilst my mummy sat her exams, the boys and I went off into town to do a little early morning shopping. I'd frequent Sunderland as a little girl most Saturdays- my football shirt and pigtails swinging in the breeze coming from the sea. My father and I would take long walks around the football ground before the match started and if I wasn't feeling too scared, I'd pet the police horses.

But since my parents split, the football stopped and I'd paid one or two visits to Sunderland to see friends. But today brought back nice memories and I got to enjoy the girly shopping side of it.

Not bad! H&M, Monsoon, River Island, New Look, Superdrug... decent little high-street shops for me to meander around for a few hours. A few purchases of jewellery bits from H&M, stack loads of cosmetics and a bundle of "good luck" gifts for my mother.

Dressing For is inspired by the need to look smart to sit a test and then casual and comfortable enough to try on dresses and capes in H&M and Monsoon. Start with a simple but chic Mike & Chris Mongomery jacket and add some jeans by Dorothy Perkins and slip into some fabulous platform heels by Wet Seal. On top, I've used a slouched tee by French Connection and then accessorised with various beads and pearls. Finally, an American Eagle blue and white bucket bag to stash all those buys! Until tomorrow...

Sunderland. by hollieanne